«Geotechnics for Sustainable Infrastructure Development» is volume 62 of Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering (LNCE) from GEOTEC HANOI. 2019.

Volume 62 «Geotechnics for Sustainable Infrastructure Development» published by Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. - 2020, Singapore. This book has 1417 pages. Approximately 283 abstracts were submitted to GH2019 and resulted in 187 papers being accepted after peer review and that are included in this volume of proceedings. The paper were prepared by authors from 35 countries from five continents.

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Т-воСибГт-в presented the some interesting papers from this volume of Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering (LNCE).

Anh-Tuan Vu, Tatsunori Matsumoto, Van-Hoang Vu (Hanoi, Vietnam & Kanazawa, Japan)
Study on effect of vertical load on performance of horizontally-loaded pile foundations through three-dimensional finite element analyses.

Shunsuke Moriyasu, Moe Shinkuma, Tatsunori Matsumoto, Shun-ichi Kobayashi (Chiba, Ishikawa, Kanazawa, Japan)
Influence of cyclic pile behavior caused by surging and vibratory pile driving on the penetration resistance and bearing capacity.

Ahmed Elgamal (Monsoura, Egypt)
Establishing a constitutive finite element based-model to simulate the dynamic pile test.

Alireza Saeedi Azizkandi, Shima Vahidinia, Mohammad Eslami (Tehran, Iran)
Shaking table modeling of battered pile՚s behavior under seismic loading.

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